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I have started meeting some USTA league players in my community and from talking to them it doesn't sound like finding a team is an easy task. For instance I am a strong 3.0 to weak 3.5 and they said there is little hope for me to find a 3.5 team (for spring 07) because each team wants to be staffed with the best players possible. They said its pretty routine to self-rate yourself below what you know you are because 1) its easier to play well and impress the team at the lower level and 2) it gives you more flexibility to have the opportunity to play at both levels. Sounds like there is alot of sandbagging going on across the board. Now I would rather lose at 3.5 than win at 3.0 just because it will give me better experience, but it sounds like I will have trouble finding a spot on a 3.5 team so I might have to stick with 3.0. So I might just start my own 3.5 team and basically post an ad and take the first X amount of players who contact me. I could care less how we perform since I'm just looking to play tennis and improve.

Anyways, how tough is it to create and manage a USTA team? Would I have to invest money into it or are any costs dispersed to all the teammates?
What is your age and where do you live? Often this can make a big difference.
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