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What is your age and where do you live? Often this can make a big difference.
I am 25 and live in Maryland. I happen to live in a community that has numerous tennis facilities within a 5 mile radius. The problem is that I just moved there a few months ago and haven't met alot of people in the USTA scene. For some reason most of the players are in their upper 30s and its hard to find a group of people that I fit in well with. Things are starting to open up but it sounds like alot of the teams are set in stone way in advance of the season. I met some people recently that said you are much more likely to get on a team if you are at the upper end of your skill level.

The main reason I would rather play 3.5 players is because the higher the level, the more important it is to play with sound strategy rather than winning off my opponents' unforced errors, regardless of my strategy.

If I was a captain, my goal would not be to win, but to give everyone a fair chance to play.
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