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Originally Posted by raiden031 View Post
So does tournament play affect your rating, or only league play? If not, then does that mean I could play a tournament for ratings lower than what I am rated?
Yes, that's exactly what it means and results in a lot of what they call sandbagging.. a player playing far below his level but blowing away clutch points to win matches closely when in reality he could win 6-2 6-1 or something like that there.

What I'm not sure on is when you'll no longer be eligible. I think if you have a winning record at a 3.0 level tournament, you'll be bumped up to 3.5 at the end of the year, or something like that, and you'll have to enter at least 3.5's. But if you are a sandbagging 4.5 who makes yourself look like crap when you could bagel the opponent easily, you can win a lot of stuff before you get bumped up.

Please know that I'm not the person to ask on this, it's just that since I saw this post and I know there aren't many replies in here yet I thought I'd throw you what I know. Hopefully somebody else can help better.
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