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You have USTA mixed 6.5s? That would also be cool. In our area we would have to play mixed 7.0s, and a 3.5 woman and 3.0 man against a 3.0 woman and 4.0 man wouldn't do too well. The 3.0 women tell me the 4.0 men don't target them, but I haven't heard the same encouragement from the 3.5 women. I suspect if you don't look like much of a threat you won't get hurt.
The reason the Souhtern Section stoppe the odd level in Mixed Dubs was to conform the National format. There are obviously areas that that still use the old format, but they do not advance to Nationals at that level. But even with the even levels, you can still have odd combinations. And mixed is always a blast.
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