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So hypothetically lets say I do end up joining a 3.0 league and self-rate at 3.0. Lets say I'm playing singles and I win every match like 6-1, 6-2 or something like that. At some point my computer rating can dynamically change to 3.5 and I am DQed? So if that happened, would I show up at 3.5 or 3.0 if someone did a "Find a Rating" on my name?

Do the "end of the year" ratings ever apply to league play?
When you self rate you show up as a 3.0s. If you get three strikes, by winning lots of matches by 6-1, 6-2 or something* you will be DQed, and in some sections all the matches you played will be defaulted to your opponent.
In Tennislink you will then show up as a 3.5. In our local NorCal database (I don't remember where you are from...) you would show up on the team as 3.0/3.5, with red coloring over all your matches.

The end of the year ratings apply to league play right up until you improve enough to exceed your rating by (I believe) .3, then you start getting strikes, even if your rating is a computer rating. This occasionally nails the people who improve a ton. This often nails people who self rated two levels or more low, which happens, or people who self rated and played only a few matches the year before. This seldom hits people who play 10 or more matches a year, as they have accumulated a large amount of data and are more likely be rated correctly.

*Note, if you are playing against high 3.0s it doesn't even have to be that big of a spread. The strikes happen if your DNTRP goes over, I believe 3.3, three times. It is not uncommon for high 3.0s to have DNTRPs of 3.2 about half way through a season. They are, of course, bumped the next year, but they won't be DQ'd on strikes. However, in playoffs teams tend to play their better players, who are often already somewhat over their ratings by the time playoffs roll around. So it is not all that uncommon for folks to get their third strike during playoffs. In our region, if that happens, only the playoff games are defaulted.
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