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Am glad you posted the format, it just made my decision ten times easier. Since it was a round robin format, then no, sorry but it doesn't go above the slams. Was already leaning this way anyways, because people had the choice to play any of the slams if they chose to. Round Robin is a horrible way to decide who moves on. One of the major problems being is say he needs to play 4 matches, and he's lost his first 3, which means no matter what happens in the 4th match he is not moving on. His opponent in the 4th match is someone who needs a win to move on. What guarantee is there that the person who lost the first 3 would give it his all?
That's a scenario that happens often in football. Towards the end of a season, one team may need to win to stay in the league, the opponents may not need the points so much and maybe not try as hard, the managers of other teams in a similar position in the table usually make statements that they hope all teams will try their hardest so issues like relegation can be resolved without controversy.

Over here in England, all teams have to play at the same time on the last day of the season to avoid any possible collusion.

So that could well be an issue when they experiment with the round robin format next year in certain events. It will be interesting to see how it works out.
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