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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
Plus you couldn't even watch the French Open on tv in the US in the 70s. You could watch Dallas WCT though. If it wasn't for the '72 Laver-Rosewall Dallas final you probably wouldn't be watching any tennis on tv today. It was that important an event to the growth of the sport.
I'm not being funny but whether or not an event is televised in the US has no bearing on how big it is worldwide. I bet at the time you could watch the French Open on TV in Europe (where there are a lot more people) but could you watch the Dallas event? If you throw a lot of prize money at an event then of course the players will go (remember the Grand Slam Cup in Germany, all the big names played there too) but to compare an 8 man event it to a 128 man event and try to say that it is as important is a bit of a joke.
McEnroe had chances to win the French and the Aus, he just couldn't do it.
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