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Has anyone ever heard of the TENCAP rating system? I am sick of the NTRP system. I constantly have players arriving at my club looking for games, telling me they are a 4.5. So I set them up with a game with one of my 4.0 players, and it is a waste of both players' time because the guy is actually a bad 3.5. His pro inflated his rating, as I'm sure we've all seen before.
Why don't you just look the player up on tennislink? And if they don't have a rating subtract 1 (4.5-1 = 3.5) and set your player up with that level? I've played with other players around the country at tennis camps and resorts, and that pretty much sums up the rating discrepancy.

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But, then I hear of this TENCAP system and how it can eliminate most of those problems.

Apparently, TENCAP has a league in Kansas City that is very successful, and they are going to be expanding into the club system. It is a rating system calculated similar to a golf handicap, meaning it is completely based on play. So, supposedly you can't cheat the system. Scores are posted by club pros or team captains and ratings are calculated using an unique algorithm. So your rating changes all the time, not just within one season, or when your club pro says it changes.

If anyone knows anything about it, please post some info.
I haven't used TENCAP, but in NorCal, for one brief season they attempted to kick off a similar system where you enter all scores (even social games) and it would show your DNTRP out to three decimal places. Your rating changed with each match. USTA league matches were automatically entered. What NorCal found was, you still can cheat the system. More decimal places doesn't make it more accurate. And ladies are more likely to tell you their real weight than tell you their social game scores.
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