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Originally Posted by cak View Post
Here's the cheating part. When you enter scores you can tell immediately how it affects your rating. In TPI (our version) used the DNTRP algoritm. You could tell how much different a 6-1, 6-1 win would affect your score, versus a 6-4, 6-4 win. Winners would fudge the scores so they didn't move their rating. Losers would be happy not to be go down. Or folks would sandbag to ensure their ratings weren't moving. Or they would put scores in for friends they didn't play against, who aren't following the scores because they are injured and haven't been on the court for months. Or they would borrow people's names and ratings to put in a foursome where 3 players had numbers, and the fourth was about the same rating they figured. You need more than a few to participate, you need buy in from all the players for the scores to be entered correctly and people to be checking the scores. At our club we were on the system because of a few players, and the rest made it into a joke so even the few players couldn't get decent readings out of it.

The thing about golf is you are playing yourself. Your good, or bad score does not affect anyone else's rating.
Golf handicaps are notoriously low because no one is supervising the round. The amount of cheating in golf is 100 times greater than in tennis, at least. Most golfers don't know the rules, and break them several times a round.

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