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Here's a comparison of the final 8 players from the French Open, Australian Open and US Open in the years 1983-1993 (the quarter-finalists are in brackets).

You can see that, apart from Connors absence at the Aus Open, they ALL compare favourably (some years a stronger final eight, some years a less auspicious one). Anyone suggesting that players at the Aus or French had it easy is suffering from a bad case of sour grapes (especially if that person played both events enough times to win at least one of them).

1983 AO: Wilander (W), Lendl (RU), McEnroe, Mayotte, (Masur, Kriek, Teltscher, Smid)
1983 USO: Connors (W), Lendl (RU), Arias, Scanlon (Dickson, Teltscher, Noah, Wilander)
FO 1983: Noah (W), Wilander (RU), Higueras, Roger-Vasselin ( Connors, Lendl, Vilas, McEnroe)

AO 1984: Wilander (W), Curren (RU), Kriek, Testerman (Edberg, Cash, Becker, Davis)
USO 1984: McEnroe (W), Lendl (RU), Cash, Connors ( Mayer, Lloyd, Wilander, Gomez)
FO 1984: Lendl (W), McEnroe (RU), Connors, Wilander ( Gomez, Noah, Sundstrom, Arias)

AO 1985: Edberg (W), Wilander (RU), Lendl, Zivojinovic (Lloyd, Schapers, Kriek, McEnroe)
USO 1985: Lendl (W), McEnroe (RU), Connors, Wilander (Noah, Gunthardt, Jarryd, Nystrom)
FO 1985: Wilander (W), Lendl (RU), Connors, McEnroe (Jaite, Edberg, Leconte, Nystrom)

AO 1987: Edberg (W), Cash (RU), Masur, Lendl (Evernden, Mecir, Noah, Jarryd)
USO 1987: Lendl (W), Wilander (RU), Edberg, Connors (McEnroe, Gilbert, Mecir, Krishnan)
FO 1987: Lendl (W), Wilander (RU), Becker, Mecir (Connors, Noah, Novacek, Gomez)

AO 1988: Wilander (W), Cash (RU), Lendl, Edberg (Chesnokov, Jarryd, Schapers, Witsken)
USO 1988: Wilander (W), Lendl (RU), Cahill, Agassi (Sanchez, Krickstein, Connors, Rostagno)
FO 1988: Wilander (W), Leconte (RU), Agassi, Svensson (Perez-Roldan, E Sanchez, Chesnokov, Lendl

AO 1989: Lendl (W), Mecir (RU), Muster, Gunnarsson (McEnroe, Edberg, Svensson, Ivanisevic)
USO 1989: Becker (W), Lendl (RU), Krickstein, Agassi (Noah, Berger, Connors, Mayotte)
FO 1989: Chang (W), Edberg (RU), Becker, Chesnokov ( Berger, Mancini, Wilander, Agenor)

AO 1990: Lendl (W), Edberg (RU), Wilander, Noah (Becker, Wheaton, Pernfors, Cherkasov)
USO 1990: Sampras (W), Agassi (RU), Becker, McEnroe (Krickstein, Lendl, Cherkasov, Wheaton)
FO 1990: Gomez (W), Agassi (RU), Muster, Svensson ( Leconte, Chang, Champion, Ivanisevic)

AO 1991: Becker (W), Lendl (RU), P.McEnroe, Edberg (Forget, Caratti, Prpic, Yzaga)
USO 1991: Edberg (W), Courier (RU), Lendl, Connors (Sanchez, Stich, Sampras, Haarhuis)
FO 1991: Courier (W), Agassi (RU), Stich, Becker ( Chang, Hlasek, Davin, Edberg)

AO 1992: Courier (W), Edberg (RU), Krajicek, Ferreira, (Lendl, McEnroe, Stich, Mansdorf)
USO 1992: Edberg (W), Sampras (RU), Courier, Chang, (Lendl, Ferreira, Volkov, Agassi)
FO 1992: Courier (W), Korda (RU), Leconte, Agassi ( Cherkasov, Kulti, Sampras, Ivanisevic)

AO 1993: Courier (W), Edberg (RU), Sampras, Stich (Bergstrom, Steven, Forget, Korda
USO 1993: Sampras (W), Pioline (RU), Volkov, Masur (Chang, Muster, Larsson, Medvedev)
FO 1993: Bruguera (W), Courier (RU), Medvedev, Krajicek ( Prpic, Novacek, Edberg, Sampras)

FO 1986: Lendl (W), Pernfors (RU), Leconte, Kriek ( Chesnokov, Becker, Vilas, Gomez)
USO 1986: Lendl (W), Mecir (RU), Becker, Edberg (Leconte, Wilkison, Srejber, Nystrom)

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