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I think it is difficult to prevent some type of Sandbagging. The plan is to get everyone at the club into the Tencap system. It has a rating chart that compares with the NTRP system, so as a starting point, I can use players current NTRP rating to give them a Tencap Rating. The Tencap system apparently only changes a players rating after 8 sets. But once the players play enough sets, the ratings should start to sort them out. If all my players are on a tencap and can see the results of all the sets they have played throughout the year and how their rating has improved or dropped, I think they would be more ethusiastic to play, and hopefully more keen to improve so it would increase my club's lesson revenue.

If I can the get other clubs in my area to use the system, I could host interclub events based on the system. The rating system can also act as handicap, so the difference in two players ratings will be equivalent to the number of points the weaker player gets to use at any time during the set. I think that could be a fun tournament to run. Try prevent the guy that always wins from winning by leveling the playing field.

I have been told that the system also allows club administration to arrange events, and organize player lists according to rating or league team etc. So that will be a useful feature for me as well. I think the company is just starting out, so I don't know of how many other clubs are using the system. Hopefully someone out there has heard of it.
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