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Heeeeerrere's what i have:

1) Gosen SP 17g (1.24mm) - white
2) Gosen Polylon 17g (1.24mm) - natural
3) Forten Competion Nylon 16g (1.30mm) - Black
4) " " " " " - Optic Yellow (cool looking)

1) Prince synthetic gut w/duraflex 18g (1.17mm) - white (5 sets)
2) Wilson synthetic gut extreme 17g (1.25mm) - natural (1 set)
3) Forten sweet 17 syn. gut 17g (1.20mm) - natural (1 set)

ALL sets are factory sealed.

i'm looking to try the TF Pro Redcode 17g but will try others as long as they're the ones that i have not tried b4

just a question, i see posts of SPPP strings...what are these, can someone clue me in? thanks.

nate n.
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