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Is it really that bad?

I dunno. I show up for my matches. I lose most, I win a few. I go home with goals for the future.

I mean, no one is going to Wimbledon based on what happens at league. No money is at stake. If someone selfrates too low and also takes a dive on some games to avoid disqualification, thereby never challenging themselves, then they are destined to never get any better. If they want it that badly, they can have it.

And really, how exciting can it be to tell people you won a Ladies 3.0 tournament if all your pals know you play way better than that? That's nothing against those who win tournaments at the lower levels of our sport. I have a 2.5 singles trophy, and I still mention it to anyone who will listen! Did ya hear that, people! I went home with that 2.5 bling!

The title is only meaningful to me because I came by it honestly.
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