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It's sad but true.
This is the point where the american way of winning or being a loser is leading us.
There's no room for a great lose after a complete match. Only winning matters.
That's why I see great junior tennis players with initial problems to win be apparted by team captains and sponsors. Good future tennis players with delayed physical development are beeing ejected from the sport as they arenīt winning initial matches and tournaments.
The winning juniors but not so skilled are the must. They win and it's Ok.
Not to fight, train or learn. They know they are judged about his ranking and they limit themselves to win. If cheating is needed, cheating is Ok. For them, their trainers, parents, etc.... And it is being generalized and assumed by all people.
It's a hard task for us trainers to learn about fighting, learning, personal objectives, self-discypline, sportmanship, etc...
Where is that old gentleman sport we was once talked about?
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