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Cheating is a way of life. Increasingly, for more and more people, it is their way of life whether its in school, business, socially, politics, or on the tennis court.

Its all one glorified game of cheating, take before being taken (money), a byproduct of scarcity of opportunity (thanks for the job), and competitition (thanks for the steroids)

This is a values issue for each person to work out for themselves. But, whose teaching people values? The "baby boomer me generation" They are masters of the game and they teach their spawn well.

And if it doesn't bother you to cheat, then cheat. Do what's right for you.

So, its easy to see how most people become cheaters. Its a way of life all around us at every turn and none of them feel any shame. They have a ready made rationalized thesis for why they cheat.

I've never played a district or sectional match that wasn't filled with players playing below their true level, that's how their team went 10-0 to get there.
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