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Gene Scott and Tennis Week were right on with their diagnosis: if the status quo doesn't get a kick in the butt, the USTA will become irrelevant. I've been not-too-impressed with the USTA since I got on a team for the first time a while back. Had to respect the rating process when it was done by trained eyes, but by recently leaving the ratings up to the players and the computers, the powers that be have pulled a big fat cop-out. They'd rather take membership fees from lots of cheaters than actually act like the governing body of the sport and kick a few bad apples out of the sandbox.

We can ***** and moan all we want--it may be more healthy than keeping it in--but I'm in the middle of drafting a letter to the USTA honchos about this grievance and about some shortcomings in the set-up at the US Open. I can't individually do much about cheaters in the league, but they can and ultimately they work for us. I encourage EVERYONE with positive or negative feedback to write a letter, send an e-mail, or write a protest anthem!
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