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It is quite clear to me the ONLY way to end the cheating is to abolish Nationals when dividing skill levels by ARBITRARY lines. You can have nationals by age, but not by NTRP. You can have leagues only for people who have not played pro or college, to keep the elite players out. Thats about all you can do to prevent sandbaggers.

Even if you are not trying to be a sandbagger, the only way you will get on a team or get playing time is if you underrate your NTRP level. I really wanted to join a 3.5 team because I would be up against better players who I can learn more from, but only 3.0 captains responded to my ad so I had no choice. I am playing in the winter and spring, and I am pretty sure I will get disqualified in the Spring, especially if I keep up my practice routine.

I feel like I am cheating because I feel like I have no business playing 3.0, but its either that or play nothing.
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