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From the sounds of it, some major changes need to take place in the USTA league system, especially with regard to the NTRP. Everyone has talked a lot about cheaters, but when you leave it to the players to rate themselves, you are always going to get major differences in levels. Some people are modest, some over exagerate their abilities, and some have no idea what level they really are. Of course, there are those that purposefully cheat to win leagues, but with the current system, they can.

I get sick of having players come to my club telling me they are 4.0's and after I have set up a game for them with one of my member 4.0's I realize that the guy was a 3.0 if he was lucky. But he tells me that I am wrong in rating my member because his pro rated him as a 4.0. So even when the ratings are done by professionals, the results are scewed.

Does the USTA league system track every match you play, and adjust your NTRP rating according to the scores in your matches?

I have recently moved to kansas City so I have not had much involvement in it, but I have heard excellent things about the Kansas City league which is run using the Tencap rating system. After doing more research, this Tencap league has a completely different rating system to the NTRP. Ratings are adjusted using an algorithm based on games won against other rated opponents. It can convert to the NTRP rating system, but it has more precise levels, ranging from 0-80 (80 being a beginner). They have had a lot of success in Kansas City. I will look into it more, but this rating system may be able to avoid or reduce some of the sandbagging that is happening right now.

Has anyone ever heard of TENCAP?
Are players or teams in the current USTA leagues able to move up or down in their levels during a season?
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