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Originally Posted by SATennis View Post
I get sick of having players come to my club telling me they are 4.0's and after I have set up a game for them with one of my member 4.0's I realize that the guy was a 3.0 if he was lucky. But he tells me that I am wrong in rating my member because his pro rated him as a 4.0. So even when the ratings are done by professionals, the results are scewed.
Can't blame a pro earning a living for telling his paying customer what the customer wants to hear. Also, you can't blame the pro for telling a customer that after 6 to 12 months of lessons they haven't improved their rating (and many people don't improve in part because they don't listen to their instructors anyway, don't work on conditiong, and don't actually practice).

Who wants to lose a paying customer over something as irrelevant as an NTRP rating that for most people who don't play USTA leagues or tournaments is irrelevant anyway?
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