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Default Player DQ'ed and Replaced by Bumped Down Player

I have two questions concerning rules. I've read national, sectional (Southern) and our local rules and regs and have two issues they don't address.

1. If a local league limits rosters to 14 players and a team of 14 has a self-rated player who is DQed for playing clearly above level with all three of her matches reversed, can that team add a player to replace the DQ'ed player, bringing the roster to 15 players?

2. When an ESL (Early Start League) local league's year-end ratings come out, are players who are bumped down allowed to play at the lower rating immediately even though they are still technically rated at the higher level until year end?'

A 4.0 team with 14 players had a self-rated player DQed after three matches. All matches were reversed. That 4.0 team added a 15th player to the roster, which is limited to 14. That 15th player was bumped down from 4.5 to 4.0 the day the team added her.
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