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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
How much is your membership? The memberships here run around $400 per year. The one I played at last night is $59 PER MONTH during the tennis season!! So, you pay $230+ for your membership, a $59 activation fee, and then something like $300 for the league.

So, I was wrong, $600 and up.

There is another place that has 1.5 hour league, 30 weeks, $900!! What a bargain!!

This is the part of the scam that I love....the fall league starts in September, and the spring league ends in May.

Who the hell needs to be playing indoors during September, October, the 2nd half of April, and May in New York? There are good lighted public courts where I live...3 or 4 places that you can usually find an open court. The indoor league should be ONE season from November to March or something.

Tennis: a rich persons game.
I don't know what it costs to be just a tennis member at my club, but I pay $75/month for access to tennis as well as swimming pools, weight rooms, and cardio machines. Its run by this homeowner's association where I live and some of the funds come from everyone's association fees. I think they said if you are not a local resident, it would cost $150/month for the total package I have.

Even with being a member, if I want to just use an indoor court for my own personal use, its $30/hour. Outdoor courts charge no court fees though to members. So yeah its a very expensive sport in the winter. I will probably suck it up and just play my league (~6 matches) and thats it until I can play outdoors again.
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