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Originally Posted by raiden031 View Post
I don't know what it costs to be just a tennis member at my club, but I pay $75/month for access to tennis as well as swimming pools, weight rooms, and cardio machines. Its run by this homeowner's association where I live and some of the funds come from everyone's association fees. I think they said if you are not a local resident, it would cost $150/month for the total package I have.

Even with being a member, if I want to just use an indoor court for my own personal use, its $30/hour. Outdoor courts charge no court fees though to members. So yeah its a very expensive sport in the winter. I will probably suck it up and just play my league (~6 matches) and thats it until I can play outdoors again.

Yeah, I'm just basically looking to not have to shake off the cobwebs in the spring like I do every year..which is what keeps me from improving. I figure if I play every other week indoors with some wall hitting every week, I'll be ok.
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