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Originally Posted by Ace View Post
If there was somebody I absolutely hated, they definately won't be on my team.
That would be your problem. But then you did not create the thread or complain about the quality of people, so I really don't have anything to go on.

There is of course a threshold. A guy who tells everyone how great he is and constantly belittles others when they miss a shot is not a good candidate. On the other hand, I find terms like "insanity", "diva", "selfishness" etc disturbing, as if OP is doing a mental psychoanalysis all the time of all women she is playing with.

Lots of people do that, BTW. One reason that Friday nite mixed doubles socials at our club has almost died out. The lady who organizes it is always after me to play but if I show up Friday evenings, I come prepared with a good excuse not to play (already commited to singles, too tired to play more than 1/2 hr, etc)
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