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I run our Saturday Dubs, which is essentially "Drop-In." The "A Players" keep coming every Saturday because they know the more they play, the better the competition will be. It's not really a "Tryout" but it does help prevent ME from having to "play the heavy" on court and team assignments. You may want to try this Rotation System:

Traffic, work, etc. impact peoples' promptness, so whenever four players arrive (assuming everyone arrives within ten minutes of the Start) stick 'em on a court.

1 - W, X, Y and Z split into teams and play four games, following typical change-on-odd format, etc. (If W&X won 3-1, both W and X keep the "3"; Y and Z keep the "1".)

2 - Rotate partners. (This time everyone won their serve. Score is 2-2.) The Players' running scores are:
W & X = 5
Y & Z = 3

3 - Rotate partners. (This time A&D won 4-0.) The Players' running scores are:
W = 9
X = 5
Y = 3
Z = 7

4 - While this court was playing, the other courts of Players were also playing and keeping their running scores.

5 - If you have only eight Players, W & Z play the same Rotation with the top two Players from Court 2.

5b - If you have 12 Players (Assume identical results on all three courts.) you will have the beginnings of a "lineup". Court 1 has three Ws and a Z. Court 2 has two Zs and two Xs. Court 3 has one X and three Ys.

6 - Play the Rotations again ... keeping the running scores.

7 - It's possible the "X" from Court 3 could end up on Court 1 (if the Players on Court 2 are evenly matched). This Rotation isn't perfect, but at least the Top Players tend to play better players and the Bottom Players tend to play those of their level.

(I know the Male/Female pairings only complicate this, but ... maybe someone smarter than I can devise a better method.)

- KK
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