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Default 2 great Agassi vids - for all those boneheads who think that tennis prior to 5 years ago was a primitive sport played by small, weak girly men, check this vid out. That return of serve is brutal. Those groundstrokes...good lord. And Ivanisevic showed that he was much more than just a big serve by staying in those rallies and hitting some scorchers of his own. - this is probably the only Agassi highlight video on the net. A worthy Agassi highlight video would be about 18 hours long, but this is a nice 6 minute sample from some of his more recent matches as a bald, aging man who beat down on 20-year-olds on a regular basis. As with all YouTube videos, the ball is hard to see. But rest assured that wherever the ball is, it's moving pretty damn fast.
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