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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Do you ever reject prospects based solely on their record in TennisLink?
As a captain, I have never done that, because I know we play a lot more matches than what is recorded on TennisLink. However, I know other captains who do do that, and honestly, I can't really fault them for it. I've changed teams twice now, and I have always had to go through the 'proving myself' part. The problem on one team is that I would have to prove myself with a really weak partner. Doesn't matter how well I play if my partner doubles faults over 10 times in a set!

I know my previous record has been held against me by other captains. My first season I lost every match. My indoor captain decided she would dump me at #2 singles (I don't really play singles) when she wasn't benching me. I lost all of those matches. My outdoor captain watched me practice, saw what I had to offer, partnered me up well, and I went to districts with that team after winning all but one of my matches. Now, I have a benchmark rating, and I've had less trouble finding a new indoor team. ('Cause I wasn't staying with that other team!)

EDITED TO ADD: You know, after thinking about this, I realized I did use TennisLink my first season as a captain to look up and assess players. I didn't know anyone, so that was all I had to go on. You have to realize all the different factors that come into play though (opponents, partners, etc). If you look me up, you see what looks like two different players in one season.

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