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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I am a little concerned about the first reason. Being a captain is not about being a control freak or boosting your ego. (I am very careful about this at work with my group as I have gone thru much in earlier years as an underling) This is not a marketing executive job or for that matter even a paid position. Interpersonal skills that matter are only those which are used in doubles communication. If they walk away after a match without the obligatory socializing, it is none of anyone's business. "Selfishness" is an arbitrary judgement call. Mother Teresa is not applying for this league. "Diva issues" - I really can't comment about that but I cannot believe it is important. "Flirting with insanity" - leave that to the doctors please or someone else competent to judge that.

Sounds quite simply like you want people who you like. That is just not right.

I am sure there are teams like what you describe.

Me, I want to play with people who are nice and fun. I don't want *anyone* who is even slightly difficult. Being a player on a team run by someone else means you won't always agree with decisions that are made. Some folks get that, others don't. I don't have time for the latter, no matter how good they are. My sister captains in another state, and she has had doubles teams who "divorced" right before districts and insisted on playing singles, screaming fights on the court, constant complaints from players who want to play court one because they think they are better than they really are. Who needs that?

Hey, this is a hobby. It is how I use my free time. It takes me away from my husband and kids and dog. If it becomes stressful due to interpersonal issues -- if I have someone who has, erm, needs -- it's not worth it to me. I had one woman who hoped to join the team but treated my e-mails as though they were annoying spam ("I'm so busy, but I think I finally have a bit of time to deal with this tennis stuff. Now what is it that you want?") Thanks, but no thanks.


And, erm. . . . Have you ever met a tennis diva? Gotta have this partner. Gotta play this court. Gotta play this team. Gotta have the last word. Gotta have this practice slot. Gotta, gotta, gotta. Holy smokes!
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