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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
No one gets kicked off. These people are my friends.

If I don't have three slots on my roster, I don't hold tryouts for three people.

It is this sort of thinking that means we will never win our division. But it means we will stay friends.
It would seem very awkward to invite one of your friends for a tryout and then not ask them to join your team. Has this happened to you?

From some of your previous posts you sound like a pretty competitive person, so it seems a bit dubious to me that you are in this just to have fun with your friends. Are you being honest with yourself about your goals for this team?

When you are forming a new team, I think it's most important to hook up with people you can practice regularly with. Find reliable people you can grow and develop with - that's what will make you a team.

Added: I just wanted to say if you manage to have a team that is made entirely of happy people with no issues, then write a book about it! I've never seen such a team, as these are human beings. You seem to be going for the Stepford Wives of tennis.

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