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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I did have a problem with another captain this fall (she overreacted to a mistake and ripped someone a new one in front of the whole team), so I simply left the team without playing a single match. So yeah, there are certainly people out there who will make your tennis life miserable if you let them.
I would have done the same.

But notice in this case she was the captain. Now, you are the captain, so the role is different.

You mentioned email issues. Only issue we had on the WTT was that the organizer sent out email to everybody about practise times, and several people "replied all" in their email. One guy sent out a nasty email that he didn't want irrelevant emails in his mailbox. But he was correct, so that was that. Clearly he would be considered "unfriendly" but that should not matter, IMO.

In WTT, subs are allowed in the middle of a set, so if someone is having a bad day, he/she can be replaced, so situation does not get out of hand.
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