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Originally Posted by DRtenniS1112 View Post
Actually luckily its just the good now. When he had me I was a counterpuncher/opportunist who seldom found way to the net. Now I serve and volley, chip and charge, and mix up everything. Someone else said I have nothing to lose but I am the seed and the young gun. Oh well I think it'll be fun I'm not really going to get nervous or overconfident on this one.
Good, you are going to surprise him. This one could be as much about the mental aspects of the game as the shots. Personally, I couldn't help but feel like an underdog, but if you win, you'll feel tremendous pride and confidence. Be concious of the momentum swings in the match, and any adjustments he makes.

This is exactly the type of mental match you want to come out on top. A real feather in your cap.

Good luck.
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