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Originally Posted by Caswell View Post
Really depends on where you live and how you do it.

In the warmer parts of the country, competetion among clubs for membership keeps the rates down. I pay $600 a year to play at a very nice club with nine clay courts and four hard courts, fitness center, and a staff that has never failed to arrange a match for me when I give them a time I want to play.

USTA league play is around $14 a season, and the local leagues are $10 a season. Usually get five or six matches per league per season.

I string my own racquets, wear C9 clothes from Target (if it's good enough for Davydenko, it's good enough for me), and usually pick up enough money from stringing my friends' racquets to cover my own string.

I've got more money in one of the surfboards hanging on my wall than I do in a year's worth of tennis, and I've got more than one surfboard...
Ok then, that sounds creepily like my tennis club. Same price, same courts, yeah.....
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