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Default CanadianChic's Corner - The NON-Chat Cafe Bar and Bistro

This is the start of a new and improved thread where we can all come and relax and spread a little love around. Leave your grudges and your grievances at the door my friends, for this thread is a little different than others. A place to have a good time, talk about your day and get to know your fellow posters in a friendly relaxed environment. We do not chat on this thread nor do we spam as that is a direct violation of the TTW policy. Let's keep it clean, keep it fresh and funny and above all, keep it real. Let's also keep some form of topic going, not that we can't stray, but a purpose is cool, no?? LOL
That being said, the first thought of the day is what is everyone reading right now? I am reluctant to admit that I am engaged in 1400 Days - A Day by Day Chronicle of the American Civil War. Hey, I find it fascinating.
Where have all the posters gone?
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