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All I can say is, if you guys played DII college tennis, you are NOT 3.5's.

I am a strong 3.5/ weak 4.0 (I win most of my matches against 3.5's and lose most matches against 4.0's) and I never even played on my high school team. I'm guessing from what you described that either of you would probably beat me pretty good - and I'm a true benchmark 3.5. I'm also suggesting that you are probably closer to 4.5's than 3.5's. This is the kind of stuff that really ticks people off about playing USTA.

Also, I did enter an open level tournament once. My doubles partner (also a 3.5) and I ended up playing a couple of 5.5 level teaching pros in the first round. We lost 2 & 2.

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