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It seems like I’ve started a bit of a controversy here.

Allow me to clear some things up.

I am not a self-rated 3.5, neither is my brother. We are computer rated – and no we don’t try to play below our level to try to earn a lower rating.

I came back (very out of shape) and played 4.0 two years ago and was bumped down by the computer. Believe me, I was not happy about it, but I figure if they want to rate me a 3.5 fine, I’ll play some 3.5 tournaments.

Secondly, my brother and I both were not traditional student athletes. We both went back to school as adults and played Div II college tennis. My brother played for one year at 30 years old. I played from two years from age 33 to 35. Incidentally, my first year we had a 38-year-old player on the team who at times played No. 1. Div II did not at the time (and may still not) have an age restriction like Div 1 does. If you were a full-time student in good standing you could play athletics.

So now we are both in our mid-40s and getting back into playing.

Did anyone stop to think that the guy I played in the first round might be self-rated at 5.0 and maybe he’s not actually that level? There’s some evidence to this since he was beaten in the second round in spite of being the No. 4 seed.

I’m trying to move up in the ranks believe me. I’d like to get to a 5.0 level. At my age it might never happen, but the only way I see to do it is play open tournaments and practice, practice, practice. As long as I’m rated a 3.5 (hopefully not much longer) I’ll take advantage and play some of those tournaments. I happen to find some very steady and fit baseliners at that level who give me fits.
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