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Originally Posted by Indy Tennis View Post

Did anyone stop to think that the guy I played in the first round might be self-rated at 5.0 and maybe heís not actually that level? Thereís some evidence to this since he was beaten in the second round in spite of being the No. 4 seed.
Well you were the one who said he was 5.0 and looking to play futures. That was the information you provided. Actually unless you are 5.5 at least I can't imagine why you even comtemplate futures. If he lost in the second round of an open tourney I don't see how he could hope to play futures. Most of the winners of open events realistically don't have a shot at futures other than losing in the early rounds.

So you are a 3.5 player who lost to a probable 4.0 player in an open event? I know a computer rated 4.0 that lost just last week to a computer rated 5.0 player 6-0, 6-0 in an open event. According to your point "if you are a strong 3.5 donít shy away from playing some Opens." I guess I don't know if your point is valid. If you draw a weak opponent(for an open event) in the first round of an Open event and you play them close, it may give you a false sense of accomplishment. If you drew a computer rated 5.0 level player you would be lucky to get a single game. If you want a more realistic idea of what it takes to get to the next level- 4.0 in your case, I would just join a 4.0 tourney.
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