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I only have a second here - I'm at work and am swamped. I guess that's what you get when you come back after a few weeks of holidays.
Anyway, I'm listening to The Fray, U2, Evanescence, Lifehouse, James Blunt and Nelly Furtado's recent cd. I have many more favourites, but since I've been listening to a lot of Christmas music the last couple of weeks, have only had time for those.
Hey Fee, I agree that some clarification would be nice so we don't cross any lines, but to everyone else who is concerned - just relax. I'm sure we've learned our lesson. To whomever asked how old I am, frankly that's none of your business. I'm not behaving in an immature manner and this is not my thread, it's for everyone, but since I started the thread I thought of that and just went with it.
Hmmm... I hope everyone is doing well today, but really, where the heck is Drak?? Gotta get back now - I have about three hours of work to cram into forty-five minutes. Take care all. CC
Where have all the posters gone?
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