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Originally Posted by CanadianChic View Post
Robbie, glad to hear you made it out okay, although I would have no doubt with your sharp survivalist instincts and cunning speed. Horrors? Hmm.. I think the last ones I saw must have been Saw II and The Chainsaw Massacre. They were gory enough, oh yes and Hostel. I find the psychological thrillers terrify me way more than horrors, but they can be entertaining. How about you?
I just saw it yesterday with my mates and sheila friends and we all agree it's one of the better horrors we've seen all year. I particularly love it because it actually scared me. It's the right movie to see for all the folks out there who think horrors just aren't scary anymore.

Mind you, I'm in Australia so I don't know if the movie is out over there in Canada. But what I loved about it is the fact that it's refreshing instead of the typical victim freezes and cowers in fear of the ghost/demon/ghoul/monster and just dies a pathetic death ala The Grudge/The Ring.

Personally I live by the motto "if you're going down, take as many of those b*st$rds with you. Make them pay the price. You're going to die anyway so why not take them to wherever you go next." Now in The Descent, that's exactly what I got. Lovely to see the human primal instinct of self defence kick in along with the Fight/Flight Responses.

Mind you, don't get me wrong. I'm not a violent person. I just really loved that movie and got really pumped up seeing people fight back and gouge some monster eyes out and smashed their skulls in.
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