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Originally Posted by CanadianChic View Post
Thank goodness the age here is 18 - although I did start younger than that I'm afraid. Robbie, I suppose it depends on my mood. I'm a big fan of Paralyzers, Caesers and LI Iced Teas. Nothing better on a hot summer day than a cold beer (or 2 or 3). How about you?
Heya sorry for the delayed responses. I was in the shower getting ready for the formal/prom tonight which is only a few hours away.

Well I don't really like the beers we have in down under. Beer is a last resort for me if there is nothing else to drink. If it must be beers then it shall be Crown Lager or Tooheys New.

But usually I will go for any of the vodka/liqueur mixer drinks. Oh but there is ONE beer that I love and that is Becks. I think it's made in Germany.
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