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ooo, all black with a silver tie sounds quite handsome. Hope it's not too late to pick up some of the conversation I missed, I had to do some yoga and cook some dinner (ginger/garlic prawns tonight).

As for libations, well since its this time of year, I bought egg nog tonight at the grocery store. I add a little bit of vanilla ice cream and rum/brandy mix. If I'm not too lazy, I'll sprinkle nutmeg into it as well. This is my worst weakness at this time of year and I need to exercise more to counteract it. (as if ). The rest of the year I'll choose between Bass Ale, Samuel Adams, Red Tail Ale or Guinness, or whatever wine strikes my fancy, mostly California Reds and some 'refridgerator whites' during the hot summer months. Glass of sherry or muscato occaisionally, and perhaps a Long Island Iced Tea if it's a very special thing (I only get top shelf versions, and those are expensive). I was on a Cosmopolitan thing for a while, but the last time I had one it just seemed too sour.

Okay, was that long enough?
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