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I disagree, he is clearly *choosing* to be there.

If he is choosing to be there, doesnt means that he feel really confortable and motivated playing there. He just want to play tennis, and he can not play tennis in the real circuit. But he knows that he is just 30 years old and is not big deal defeat the old man, but is a big shame when he lost.

Well that's up to you, but we live in a mostly free world, most people are not constrained by the opinions of their country-people...

thats true , i just want to share that is not a proud for us that he is the number one in the world in seniors tour, no body talk about that in news.

Tennis is tennis if it's played on a tennis court with racquets and balls in accordance with the rules. I play tennis. Federer plays tennis. Tennis is played on the senior's tour. 4 year-olds can play tennis

Im just talking about the circuit, the real competence for people like Marcelo Rios is there. He should not been playing in seniors tour , when he win is not a big deal for me like Marcelo Rios fans, just dont care for me (personal opinion)
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