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Originally Posted by chess9 View Post
If you can't give 100% of what you DO have, then you shouldn't commit to play the Seniors Tour or any tour. To not even attempt a service return is very poor sportsmanship. If I had been there it would have taken a platoon of Marines to keep me from competing for FREE. To think he was being paid for that show is disgusting. The OP is right.

Rios is not doing himself any favors by displaying such gross stupidity. He was one of the greatest shotmakers in the game and now he pulls this stunt?

True, but maybe he was just having a bad day? Maybe he was feeling very ill, and didn't want to bail (pull a 'Justine') for the sake of the fans? I don't know, but maybe.

I know I played a 2nd-final on Sat morning, against a guy who I beat soundly the last time we played. I felt odd, shaking a little, couldn't really run until we'd played 12 games. I reeled off the odd winner, and hit plenty of crap. Wanted to walk up to anyone who saw it and say "hey - that's not me out there!". Thankfully I still won, but it was terrible tennis for the first 12 games, until my body started feeling better.

Anyways - personally I think the Senior's tour will continue doing itself a massive disservice until it changes the age of admission to 35....
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