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Originally Posted by arnz View Post
I see you made the jump to club playing, I'm in the same boat as you, I never played in club leagues either because of the expense. It just never made sense to me to spend that much on a hobby, but now I'm reconsidering since I've reignited my love for tennis this past year.

I too live in Long Island, my quick internet inquiry to the closest club to me(Eastern Athletic Club in Blue Point) and your figures turn out to be right, around 700 for membership +league/ladder play. On the other hand they include a nice gym for use also, so it might be worthwhile. Plus I imagine the structured competition would be fun, bragging rights and so on if you win

I am equi-distant from 4 clubs: Eastern in Blue Point and Dix Hills, Sportime in Hauppauge, and World Gym in Setauket. They are all around the same price..I'm actually sitting here doing "bang for the buck" calculations as we speak. "Let's see, this league is 2 hours, guaranteed 12 matches, this one is 1.5 hours, 15 matches"

I am looking the structured competition..I've been playing the same 2 guys for the past 4 months and they are both 4.0's who kill me..I've won maybe 6 sets off of them since September. I'm looking at playing in the league I subbed in to work on strokes in match play..the guys I saw don't hit very hard, so they cannot exploit my pathetic backhand as much as the 4.0's...I could run around almost every shot the last guy I played hit.
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