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Angry Another sandbagging thread

I don't regularly post or read in this section of the forum, but I noticed so many of the threads here imply sandbagging is occuring. SOME players may just make an honest mistake or improve very rapidly; others do not unfortunately. The ones who keep moving between levels, appealing every year and throwing matches to play down are sorry pieces of s*&% in my opinion. If you are THAT close to playing up, why not accept the challenge? It's very SAD to me that some people are SO INSECURE that they make the effort to ruin the party for everyone else so they can look good. Give me a f*%%$## break...

The USTA rules are pretty clear about where a player should be rated after taking leave from an advanced level, or for someone who's playing competitively for the first time. A computer SHOULD sort out ONE level differences after one season if no one threw any matches. My first question is: Why do you folks who can obviously play competitively at a higher level prefer to lose so you can WIN at a lower level? Do you have amnesia? What's the point? Is you ego so fragile that winning is your only goal? ...your only purpose for playing tennis? Why don't you just play adolescents who have never touched a racquet instead? You folks are a bunch of p'sies in my opinion and should just give up the game.

I nearly lost to a guy this weekend who I know (unfortunately) and know he only cares about "goin' to state" every year. His doubles partner has the same approach. Yes, these guys are old, and probably realize their games will never go any further; so why do they keep playing? To nurture a fragile ego? I got the same thing before the match. "Oh, take it easy on me. I'm an old man." WTF ever!! The little mind games begin. I won't go into the details of the match, but let's just say I no longer consider him a friend. It's hustling, plain and simple.

It's people like this who give me the motivation to improve. I have the courage (and I'm older myself by the way) to try to improve my game and lose some matches to know where I stand. You can see by my rating I'm a modest person, unlike many of the egoists here (99% 5.0+ right? haha). I'm probably closer to 4.0 now after playing two and a half years than 3.5 and I will accept that if/when I get moved up. I take pride in knowing that my game is getting better and that I don't have to beat up players weaker than myself all the time to have any confidence or purpose on the court. So congrats to those of you who are brave and do your best. Without you, everyone else would self rate 2.5 after taking two days of "sick leave" from work, etc. Jerks.
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