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Originally Posted by ragnaROK View Post
If Rios gave 100%, he'd still be an ATP pro. Think about it.
If he gave 100% of what he had 10 years ago, yes. All I ask is that he give his best whatever his best is on the day he is playing. Not returning serve is 12 year old whiney boy crap. Please, someone kick him in the *** before he pulls that stunt again. Unforgiveable....

Orange, I've had plenty of those days, but we've all struggled on off days or days you have a cold. You think some guy playing for Stanford who has a cold and is scheduled to play a match against some top guy from, say, USC, is going to shuffle around the court and not return serve? If one of my college team mates had pulled that sort of stunt he would have gotten the crap beaten out of him in the locker room. Most of the college players, bless 'em, are more mature than Rios apparently.

Just my humble opinion of course. I'm sure I'm wrong.

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