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Rios is not doing himself any favors by displaying such gross stupidity. He was one of the greatest shotmakers in the game and now he pulls this stunt?
I don't understand why so many of you are shocked by what Rios did. He did this all the time on the main tour. Truly one of the most gutless players ever to play the game. You should check out his match with Clavet at 1998 Wimbledon. World-class tank job. At the biggest event in the world. He pulled this stunt many, many times. Senior tennis won't change his true character. I see after losing he whined about the "fast surface." Again this was a trademark of his time on the main tour. If he didn't like the conditions(& conditions were a lot faster in the 90s) he had about a 50/50 chance of actually trying.

So many fans seem overly excited of the brief period where Rios actually tried(not coincidentally on slower surfaces) in the late 90s, that many seem to forget that guy tanked as many matches as anyone who's ever played the game.

Talent doesn't equal guts. Rios obviously has no guts, & very little character(I mean really, wouldn't you think most 30 year old pros would have a little bit more shame than to agree to play 40 year olds on a regular basis?)
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