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Originally Posted by maverick1 View Post
It sort of does happen in Cricket. Few Cricket bats have distinctive shapes. The only identification is a sticker the Manufacturer slaps on the bat. I am told most cricketers have a personal favorite batmaker who has always made their bats, and they use stickers of whoever pays them at that given moment.

The biggest bat sponsor(MRF) doesn't even make sports equipment. They essentially rent valuable advertising space on the bats of the best cricketers.
Slazenger makes many bats. I don't follow cricket any more, but from what you are saying, the bat has say a MRF sticker. Since no one can buy a bat from MRF, it is not really a PJ equivalent.

But I have seen bats in shops with the autograph of a player who endorse the bat. In a sense, that is closer to a PJ, as it makes it appear that the player uses the model.
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