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We play all our winter matches indoors. The facilities don't want matches to last indefinately, so there's a 2 hour limit. There are always other matches scheduled after ours, so we can't just run over.

Here's the way it works. At exactly the 1 hour and 45 minute mark if one team is ahead by a break, they automatically win that set. If the teams are tied or there's only a 1 game difference, they play a tie-breaker to see who wins that set. At the conclusion of that tie-breaker, if the teams are tied at 1 set each they play a third-set tiebreaker only.

As you can imagine, at the 1 hour and 40 minute mark the team that's ahead starts stalling, and the team that's behind tries to go into hurry-up mode.
Thank the tennis gods for the sunny south where we play outdoors every month of the year, sometimes in longjohns, but it gets done outdoors. This would be darn near impossible to get used to.
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