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I am an Australian, and I see it like this.. I was always a big Becker fan.. I am now 32.. But I respected all of the players of the day.. I stopped watching Tennis when Pete Sampras was becoming dominent.. I guess, as Lendl was the robot of the 80's, Sampras was the Lendl of the 90's.. Simply no competition.. Even Agassi dissapeared for a while..

You look at someone like a Borg, or the great Australians Laver, Court, and Emerson. These guys (gals) played in an era where all players basically ran on the same tires (to give an F1 example).. Same clothes, same shoes, same racquets.. Yet these guys and gal ruled... And won on all surfaces.. Not playing a whole year on clay courts to become No 1!

Today, there is so much in the way of technology and extra (help) that these guys simply dont know what tennis is anymore.. Play for no money.. Play for a trophie. Play for the love of it. I am sure these guys and gals would soon tire of the business called tennis..

Never, ever compare the players of today, with the players of yesterday.. The players of today have it way too good, and dont understand tennis as it is meant to be..

Just my 2 cents..

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