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So check this out. My 10yr old son, who just began playing tournaments late last year, was playing in the rookie division (we have rookies, challenger and Champs in the PNW). In January, I entered him in a Challenger tournament because there weren't that many rookie tournaments. He lost the first round and lost his consolation match. Later that month I entered him in another Rookie tournament and the draws are made and he plays on a Friday. Thursday night I check the draws and the tournament director moved him from Rookie to Challenger and when I called and asked what was up they told me someone had complained that my son and several others kids had played in a Challenger tournament earlier in the month and because of that they had to play Challengers for the rest of the year. Sure enough, my bad, I didn't see that rule. So, I contacted the PNW USTA and they confirmed that. I then began playing him in Challengers for the rest of the year and guess what, in several tournaments he has run into players that have played and are ranked in the Champ division. The tournaments aren't doing anything about that and the PNW won't even respond to my emails. And the same tournament that moved my son up, says that they can't enforce the rules. WHAT!!??? They enforced them when they forced my son to move up, but now they can't enforce it when they have sandbagging Champ players coming down and winning tournaments at the Challenger level. Our local USTA office is a JOKE! They talk out both ends and the players and parents of the players who are allowing their kids to play down should be reprimanded.
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