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Originally Posted by arnz View Post
Yeah, good match Dman! We should do it again soon, when real life isnt getting in your way

Yeah today is a nice day, oh well. Maybe there will be more days like this during the winter. and theres always indoor
I think we will have some titanic struggles. I think we will not feel fufilled after 2 hours indoors, but 3 hours gets expensive.

I was hitting against a wall this morning at courts around the corner, and this guy pulls up in a mini van and asks if I want to hit. My arm was twinging from Saturday, and I was wearing band-aids on the blisters, but I couldn't say no!! We played one set and he won 6-4 or something, but I was only going maybe 60% on my serve because my shoulder and the 2 holes in my hand. He was saying "I'm 4.0, you aren't 3.5, you're at least 4.0" after I crushed a few forehands.

I told him what I told's about match results, not that I can hit a few forehands and serves per set that look like a 5.0.

Off to Christmas shop.
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